Taylor Swift Goes Crazy in “Blank Space” Music Video – Watch Now!


Get ready to see Taylor Swift like you’ve never seen her before!

The music video for Taylor’s second single from 1989, “Blank Space,” was accidentally leaked on Yahoo! late Sunday night but was taken down early Monday morning. The video was originally supposed to premiere on Tuesday during Good Morning America but it now looks like because of the leak, Taylor has gone ahead and released the video.

“Blank Space” is a song Taylor wrote to poke fun at what the media has said of her dating life and the video just takes it to the next level. The 24-year-old enlisted hot model Sean O’Pry as her lucky…or rather unlucky leading man. The video starts off with Sean arriving at Taylor’s mansion and we see the couple go through a whirlwind romance that includes walking dogs, carving their names into a tree and riding bikes in the living room.

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During the couple’s romantic picnic, Sean is seen on his phone and that’s when crazy Taylor emerges. She cuts up his clothes, gives him what appears to be a poisoned apple and beats his beautiful car. So how does it end? Well, we see Sean speed out of there as another gentleman pulls up and gets ready for his turn.

We love that Taylor can make fun of herself and this video is just proof that she has a great sense of humor. Also, massive shout out to the genius that is Joseph Kahn for directing a great video. Watch the video below. We also screencapped some of our favorite moments.

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