Logan Lerman Suits Up Military Style for GQ & Dishes on Brad Pitt, ‘Fury’


loganlerman-gq-101814Logan Lerman is showing off his best “top gun” style for the November issue of GQ.

Logan currently stars in the new flick Fury which also stars Brad Pitt & Shia Labeouf. The 22-year-old recently opened up to the mag about working with Brad and bootcamp.

On his character Norman Ellison: He has no experience with tanks but he has to secure the safety of the other men and himself. It’s basically his coming of age at war.

On working with Brad Pitt: It’s intimidating when you’re in a room with him, but he’s—it’s just such an overused term—down-to-earth. He’s just a dude. It’s Brad Pitt, the world’s biggest movie star. But it’s a situation where he’s your sergeant. And meeting your sergeant for the first time is an intimidating experience, let alone if it’s Brad Pitt.

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On going to boot camp: We went to boot camp before filming Fury. The lack of sleep was difficult to power through: We’d have to be on watch every night, so there was little sleeping. We all lived in a tent. There’s parts of it I probably can’t even speak about. They just wanted to break us down and rebuild us. It made us a family going into filming.

Check out Logan’s military inspired style below. Fury is in theaters now.

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