Zac Efron to Team Up with Robert De Niro for ‘Dirty Grandpa’


zacefron-dirtygrandpa-090514Zac Efron might be taking a road trip with Robert De Niro soon and things are looking to get “dirty.”

According to THR, Zac and Robert De Niro are in early talks to star in a road trip comedy called Dirty Grandpa. If all goes well, Zac will star as a young man who is tricked into driving his grandfather (De Niro), a perverted former Army general who thinks his grandson is about to marry the wrong woman, to Florida for spring break.

The writer & director will be Dan Mazer who has previously worked on Borat, Bruno and The Dictator…so we have a feeling this will be a movie you might not want to see with your parents.

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Do you want to see Efron & De Niro team up?