Demi Lovato Launching Skin Care Line This December


demilovato-skincare-090314Demi Lovato has decided to not follow the trend and release a fragrance. She’s opting for something more useful.

The 22-year-old will be launching a new skincare line this December called Devonne by Demi. So why did Demi opt to go with skincare products instead of the usual perfume/fragrance? “Ever since I was a young girl, I have always been about skincare for some reason,” she told PEOPLE. “When you take time to do things for yourself like care for your skin, you feel the most confident.”

Demi joined forces with beauty experts to create together a range of products including a hydrating protecting mist, cleanser and moisturizing primer. The starter kit (whose proceeds will benefit the Lovato Treatment Scholarship) starts at $29.99 for a monthly subscription.

So what’s her favorite product? The sweet lemon and peppermint moisturizer. “It’s so hydrating and smells incredible,” she says. “And not only is it a moisturizer but it has primer in it to help my makeup last throughout the day.”

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Demi has definitely become an inspiration to many young girls out there, especially when it comes to confidence and body issue. Growing up in the spotlight, the world has watched as Demi has hit her lows and bounced back. After the VMAs, Demi shared a very inspirational post on instagram showing off all the times she attended the VMAs.

She tells PEOPLE, “I am trying to help young girls and women all over the world love and accept themselves when they look in the mirror. I can guarantee that if you take care of your skin and use products that work, you’ll find that confidence.”

We love that Demi has launched such a cool line and we can’t wait to try it out. To learn more, visit