Debby Ryan Strikes a Pose for Paper Mag & Opens Up About Music


debbyryan-papermag-090314Debby Ryan recently returned to work on the fourth season of her hit show “Jessie” but that doesn’t mean her music is taking a backseat.

The actress/singer plans to play some shows on weekends with her band The Never Ending when they get the chance and she recently sat down with Paper Mag to talk about her musical process and being, as they put it, the anti-Miley.

On avoiding the tabloids as a Disney star: I don’t do anything on my own that’s too Disney-adjacent.

On being low key and not going out and partying: We live in a neighborhood that’s mostly elderly people. I have my cats and Johnny’s like my big brother. I only really go out to support my friends’ bands. Otherwise it’s movie night with s’mores and maybe jumping in the pool after midnight.

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On the song “Before I Go Upstairs” and her music: Doing a song about insomnia in waltz-time seems a little bold just in terms of not being typical, but it felt justified. That song is me, up late at night, this is what I’m feeling and this the story I want to tell…We’re doing this in the way music’s supposed to happen: a group of people meeting in the middle.

On her future acting choices: I have to be really choosy what I do because I only have so much availability…I have the timing to deliver comedy and find the funny but I can do anything — just give me the chance.

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