Jake T Austin Shows Off His Muscles for FLAUNT Magazine


jaketaustin-flaunt-090214Jake T. Austin is all grown up!

“The Fosters” star shows off his muscles in a cool black and white photoshoot for FLAUNT Magazine. In the issue, Jake talks about voice acting, his favorite comfort food and his career goals. Check out some highlights.

What’s the boldest thing you’ve gotten to do so far? I recently had the opportunity to film a project in Puerto Rico, and I had the opportunity to work with a non-profit organization rescuing neglected and abused animals. Getting to work with this organization really brought a lot to perspective.

On his favorite comfort food: Bacalao! It’s a fried fish stew (usually salted cod fish) and it’s one of my favorite traditional Puerto Rican dishes because of the freshness of the fish you can get while on the island.

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On what kind of role he’d love to tackle next: I’d love to play a character that has a lot of truth, whether it’s based on a novel or portraying a historic character, anything to challenge me as an actor.

What’s the moment you could anticipate in your career when you know you’ve made it? You know, I think in this game it’s about timing. For me, it definitely will come, but it’s about patience. I think luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

To read more of Jake’s interview, head over to flaunt.com and be sure to pick up the issue.

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