The Tears Will Flow Again in this Deleted Scene from ‘The Fault In Our Stars’


tfios-deleted-081914Just when we thought our tear ducts had recovered from seeing The Fault In Our Stars, a new deleted scenes is released.

The film, based on John Green’s best selling novel, will hit Digital HD on August 26 and Blu-Ray/DVD on September 16. There will be an extended cut of the film which will include some more tear inducing scenes and thanks to EW, we have a glimpse at one between Hazel & Gus after Gus’s sudden trip to the emergency room.

“We did a lot of scenes that didn’t make it in the [theatrical] release, some scenes that are really beautiful,” Ansel tells EW. “I bet now I’ll be seeing screenshots from [the deleted] scenes all over Instagram.” So what scenes will make it in? According to Ansel, there is a tender moment when Hazel reads William Carlos Williams’ “The Red Wheelbarrow” to Gus as an ambulance takes him to the hospital.

What scene do you hope makes it into the extended cut, or at least the DVD deleted scenes?

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