Taylor Swift Unveils Album Title, Cover & Premieres Hilarious “Shake It Off” Music Video


taylorswift-shakeitoff-081814Taylor Swift kept her promise and unveiled 3 big things during her live stream on Monday.

First up, Taylor played her new single for everyone called “Shake It Off.” The song is about “shaking off” what the haters have to say and basically just dancing and having a good time.

Taylor’s second announcement was all about her new album. It will be released on October 27 and it is called 1989. In case you’re wondering, it’s the year she was born and she shared that the album will have a big 80s influence. It will also be her first all pop album. Plus, the cover and all the photos in the album are polaroids and different polaroid picture packs will be sold with the album.

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Lastly, Taylor premiered her music video for “Shake It Off.” We all know that Taylor isn’t shy about dancing and she knows it isn’t the best. She took that and used that in her new music video in which she makes fun of herself as she tries to dance with a bunch of professionals including ballerinas, twerkers and more. So funny! We love that she can laugh at herself.

Some other tidbits that Taylor shared are that there will be a deluxe version that will have 3 of her songs that were recorded on her phone and if you pre-order the album now, you’ll get “Shake It Off” immediately.

What do you think of all the TSwift news and her music video? What’s your favorite part?

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