Exclusive: Amanda Leighton Teases Future of Jesus & Emma on “The Fosters”


amandaleighton-081814“The Fosters” season 2 mid-season finale airs tonight and one couple we are eager to know about is Jesus and Emma.

Jesus has been busy with Hayley lately, but after she sort of forced him to get a tattoo with her name on it, we’re totally team Emma and we’re definitely rooting for these two to get back together. Come on second half of season 2!

We had the chance to chat with the lovely Amanda Leighton about what she thinks of Jesus & Emma and more.

-This season of The Fosters has brought a lot of ups and downs for Jesus & Emma. What has been your favorite part of the season so far? I’ve enjoyed playing Emma as a strong girl that isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes. Most girls in high school would change to please a guy or assume they weren’t good enough in some way. Emma stands up for what she believes, even to the guy that holds her heart…that’s a strong girl!

-Everyone seems to be rooting for Emma over Hayley. Do you think there’s still a chance for Jesus and Emma? Oh definitely! I still think that they have a good shot. They are both going to have to give a little to make it work (even Emma) but I think they have a great friendship foundation first so, that will help.

-The cast seems so fun. Do you have any fun behind-the-scenes stories? They are so much fun! I love when we all get to work together. We had our wrap party at Disneyland and we all had such a blast! At one point we were all dancing the slide and having a great time. We followed that up with rides…you can’t beat that!

-The Fosters has had an impact on so many people of all kinds. Do you have a favorite fan moment or story? I don’t have just one but I do have many. When I get those Tweets from people saying things like you gave me the courage to be myself or to stand up for what I believe, that just kills me…in a good way! Lately, I’ve gotten Tweets from girls telling me they went out for the Wrestling Team or they are the only girl on a Team, too. That’s neat because my storyline directly affected them in some helpful way and it’s what really matters.

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-What would you like to see happen with Emma in the next half of the season? It might be cool to see Emma get some girlfriends. I’d like to see her and Jesus be able to really talk and work things out. Even if they don’t get back together I’d like to see them get back to being best friends. I’d also like to see them just having fun like they did in the beginning of their friendship.

-Besides The Fosters, do you have any other upcoming projects you can tease? I just completed an Indie film called The Better Half which is a Family Comedy. I am also getting ready to start work on a Horror film called the Fifth Victim which I’m excited about. For TV I completed an episode of Bones just last week, that should air sometime in October

-What would be your dream role? Probably something in a Nicholas Sparks film or a Fantasy/ Sci fi film.

-What are three things fans/people might not know about you? I think my French Bulldog is my son, I love sushi, I’m from Fresno.

-Do you have any message for your fans? Stay true to who you are and don’t let people tell you that you can’t do something, if it’s your dream….go for it!

Be sure to tune into the mid-season finale of “The Fosters” tonight at 9pm on ABC Family.

Photo Credit: Ricky Middlesworth Photography