Taylor Swift to Announce New Album Info in Yahoo Live Stream August 18?


taylorswift-nyc-080714If you follow Taylor Swift on social media, then you know she’s starting dropping clues related to her upcoming album.

The 24-year-old releases a new album ever two years which means her new album will most likely drop in October to keep with the pattern. The first clue Taylor dropped was her pushing an elevator button for the 18th floor. Hmmm….

The second clue was a snapshot of her phone background with the time being 5:00. Today’s clue was “this is clue #3” typed into a search bar in a Yahoo! browser. So…when you put all these together, what do they mean?

Well, after doing some detective work, we decided that August 18 was the day Taylor would be dropping some big news. It looks like we may be right! CovenSwift on Instagram has been doing some digging to and came across a page on Yahoo! Screen that has details for a Taylor Swift Live Q&A session set to take place in NYC on AUGUST 18 at 4pm EST. The page has since been deleted, as well as the Instagram post, so we bet they were just setting the page up and testing it and the fan was just on it at the right time.

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Ding ding, we think we have a winner! It totally makes sense! The 5 in the 5:00 from clue 2 probably stands for Taylor’s fifth album and floor 18 is for August 18. Then, the Yahoo! clue of course, is for Yahoo! This definitely makes sense to us since for her last album, Taylor did the same thing and revealed her artwork and album title in a live Q&A with a group of lucky fans.

While nothing is officially confirmed yet, we are placing our bets on CovenSwift’s theory. Once the real meaning behind Taylor’s clues comes out, you know we’ll be updating you. Remember though, none of this has been confirmed.

Until then, be sure to mark your calendars for August 13 when Taylor stops by the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote The Giver.

What are your theories on Taylor’s clues?