Nina Dobrev Talks Monkey Trouble & Plays Giant Beer Pong


ninadobrev-tonightshow-080614Did you know Nina Dobrev has no feeling in one of her thumbs? That’s just one of the funny things we learned about her during her appearance on the Tonight Show last night.

Nina was busy promoting her new comedy Let’s Be Cops and stopped by for a fun chat with Jimmy Kimmel. She shared a story about how she was bitten by an adorable monkey which left her with a scar and no feeling in her thumb. Guess that monkey wasn’t as adorable as she thought.

Later, the TVD star and Jimmy played a game of beer pong, but not just any game…a giant sized game! That’s right, instead of ping pong balls they used legit volleyballs. Nina has some skills!

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Watch the video below to find out who reigned victorious – Jimmy or Nina.

Let’s Be Cops opens next week.