Austin Mahone Encounters “Thug Harmony” in Hilarious Tour Mockumentary


austinmahone-tour-080614What really goes on backstage during Austin Mahone’s tour? You’re about to find out!

Austin has released a hilarious tour mockumentary that follows him backstage as he runs into his tour mates The Vamps, Fifth Harmony & Shawn Mendes. It seems there’s quite a language barrier when Austin runs into UK band The Vamps.

Then when Austin goes to visit 5H, he sees them in their true form…as Thug Harmony. The girls do their best to bust a rhyme and Austin just looks confused. Finally, when Austin visits Shawn’s dressing room, he almost gets sucked up into the lava floor and he discovers what Shawn eats for lunch. Gross!

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Watch the funny video below and for your chance to win a pair of tickets to Austin’s tour, go HERE!