R5 Stir Up Trouble in New “Heart Made Up On You” Music Video – Watch Now!


r5-heartmade-080514The music video for “Heart Made Up On You” has arrived!

R5’s latest music video plays out like a mini movie and we want more! Riker has explained before that the song is about “somebody who you’re deeply attracted to but your mind knows that it’s completely a bad idea.”

The video begins with Riker, Rydel, Ratliff and Rocky in a booth at a diner with a somewhat creepy guy who definitely looks like he’s up to no good. At another booth is Ross with his girlfriend. It looks like his girlfriend and her dad are robbers and R5 must play a surprise show in the middle of the town to cause a distraction while the thieves get the jewels.

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How will it play out? You’ll have to watch the full video below to find out!