Demi Lovato Talks Recovery & Friendship in the August Issue of ‘Seventeen’


demilovato-seventeen-062314Demi Lovato is giving a little sass and showing off her rainbow locks on the cover of the August issue of Seventeen Magazine.

In the issue, Demi gives some advice for those going back to school and opens up about recovery. Check out some highlights!

On Where You Should Draw Your Confidence From: “I used to think that confidence came from what other people thought about me, and boys and everything else. But now I realize that confidence comes from what I feel about myself, and reassuring myself that I can do whatever I want and be whoever I want. Just knowing and setting up my future for a great life.”

On How You And Your Friends Can Support Each Other’s Confidence: “I tell myself five things that I’m grateful for, for every negative thing that I think. Another cool thing girls can do: You know how people have swear jars, where if you swear you have to put a dollar in the jar? You could do that with feeling insecure— every time a friend says something bad about themselves, they have to put a dollar in a jar. [And then] you can donate it to charity.”

On How To Bounce Back After A Setback: “If things go wrong the first week of school it’s not the end of the world. I know it may seem like that, but it’s really not. There are going to be times where you will have bad days, bad weeks and even sometimes bad months—but rainbows always come after the darkest storm.”

On The Kind Of Friends Every Girl Needs By Her Side: “I like to have friends in my life who believe they’re going places and are working toward their dreams. When you’re growing and the people around you aren’t, that’s when you have to start shedding them. I’ve done that a lot over the past few years, but it has been so worth it, because the people in my life today inspire me to keep being creative, to have fun, and to be a good person.”

On realizing that Things Aren’t Always Going To Be Easy…And That’s Okay: “Since I went to treatment, there have been days when it’s felt really easy, and I’ve felt great about where I am. But then I have moments when it’s not. That’s life. You can’t just take your mind and your body into the shop and get it fixed. It doesn’t come out repaired. It’s not like a car. It takes time – pace yourself. Every day is a new opportunity to change your life and be who you want to be.”

On Giving Back And Feeling Good: “When I give back, I don’t question my self-worth. I know that if my career were to fall apart tomorrow – even if I were to never have money or fame again – I’d still have value in my soul, because I know that I can have an effect on someone else’s life.”

On Standing Up For Your Beliefs: “I’m impulsive when it comes to fighting back, but I’ve learned to reel it in. Tweeting without thinking does more harm than good. So take a second. Journal what you want to say, and then if you still feel the same later, that’s when you can tweet it.”

For more, be sure to check out and pick up the August issue.

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