Emblem3 Announces Big News – Drew Chadwick Leaving the Group


emblem3-breakup-062014It’s a sad day for all the “Emblems” out there.

We fell in love with Drew, Wes and Keaton, aka Emblem3, on The X Factor and loved their debut album. The band made a sad announcement today when they took to their website to announce that Drew Chadwick is leaving the group.

“While we regret sharing this news, we as a group need to share that Drew has decided to move forward in pursuit of his solo career and will no longer be with Emblem3 or joining us on The Fireside Story Sessions,” their official statement said. “We’re sad to see Drew go but he will always be our brother, and we couldn’t be happier for him as he starts his new journey as a solo artist.”

Wes also wrote, “We know many of you may be concerned about what this means for Emblem3, but I can assure you this is just the beginning! Me and Keaton started this band when we were 9 and 11 years old and we will continue making music for our fans. We love you with all our heart. E3 has always been about a partnership of likeminded musicians and we’re committed to continuing this journey alongside you all. And who knows, you may also start seeing some very familiar faces popping up.”

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Don’t fret Emblems, Wes and Keaton are still going to continue with their Fireside Story Sessions tour. Check out the dates below.

US Tour Dates

6/23/2014 – Hellertown, PA
6/24/2014 – Carlisle, PA
6/26/2014 – Bethel Park, PA
6/27/2014 – Columbus, OH
6/28/2014 – Indianapolis, IN (Early Show)
6/28/2014 – Indianapolis, IN (Late Show)
6/29/2014 – Northlake, IL (Early Show)
6/29/2014 – Northlake, IL (Late Show)
6/30/2014 – Franklin, WI
7/2/2014 – Fairport, NY
7/7/2014 – Bedford, NH
7/8/2014 – Quincy, MA
7/10/2014 – Providence, RI
7/13/2014 – St. James, NY (Early Show)
7/13/2014 – St. James, NY (Late Show)
7/15/2014 – Fairfax, VA
7/16/2014 – Richmond, VA
7/17/2014 – Charlotte, NC
7/18/2014 – Charleston, SC
7/20/2014 – Marietta, GA
7/21/2014 – Hollywood, FL
7/22/2014 – Orlando, FL
7/24/2014 – Lafayette, LA
7/27/2014 – Houston, TX
7/28/2014 – Dallas, TX
7/30/2014 – Phoenix, AZ
7/31/2014 – San Diego, CA
8/2/2014 – Anaheim, CA (Early Show)
8/2/2014 – Anaheim, CA (Late Show)
8/3/2014 – Los Angeles, CA (Early Show)
8/3/2014 -Los Angeles, CA (Late Show)
8/4/2014 – Santa Barbara, CA
8/5/2014 – San Francisco, CA
8/7/2014 – Portland, OR