Debby Ryan Talks Going Virtual for Nintendo’s Tomodachi Life


debbyryan-tomodachi-061014Get ready to explore an all new virtual world where you just might bump into some of your favorite celebrities!

Nintendo’s Tomodachi Life is out now for Nintendo 2DS and 3DS and while you’re playing, you just might bump into a Mii that looks familiar…say, like Debby Ryan! Tomodachi Life allows you to build and interact with a bustling fantasy population of friends, family and even celebrities, all in one wild and hilarious world. The real emotional connection you already share with your Mii characters will keep you glued to the drama, intrigue and hilarity that ensues as everyone goes about their extraordinary daily lives, evolving and interacting in unpredictable and often uproarious ways. Every new Mii you add or interact with changes your story!

We had the chance to chat with Debby about becoming a part of this revolutionary game. The 21-year-old knows a thing or too about video games and has been a fan of Nintendo for a while. In fact, a typical Friday night usually consists of staying in and playing Mario Kart with her friends. “I kind of became friends with a lot of my boyfriend’s crew members on the road and I don’t know how to be that girlfriend that always has perfect makeup and whatever but I do know how to kick a little bit of butt in Mario Kart,” Debby told us. “So there’s something about being able to play [Nintendo] that’s relatable, I’ve been playing it for years. With all the new advances in everything you can do like create your own character, it’s fun. It also creates that fun, personal experience for fans to know that ‘I’m playing with Debby. That Mii is her and I can play and sing with her.’ It’s a very cool alternate reality kind of thing which I find fun.”

Debby is always hands on when it comes to putting her name on things and she was very excited to team up with Nintendo. “I had every input. Nintendo is one of those companies that are very intent to make things feel authentic,” Debby said. “They’re never going to my name on something…and that’s how I am to…I’m never going to put my name on something that doesn’t represent who I am. They’re 100% on board with that so it’s been a fun process saying ‘this is who I am and this is what I like.’ So they’ve been like ‘what’s your favorite food and all time least favorite food.’ They get all the details. It means a lot to me because they really want to know who you are and I feel like that makes the experience so much better for my fans.”

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What is the recipe for a Debby Mii? A little bit of sarcasm and being a cat lover. The second part came about because Debby was hanging with her cat, The Doctor, while we chatted and when we suggested they should make The Doctor a Mii, she agreed. “We should have a Doctor Mii. Doctor the cat. Just create a little cat Mii who steals all my turkey jerky and bites me.”

So while you’re playing the game, you might just get to have a karaoke session with Debby or have a girls night out with her, Zendaya and even Christina Aguilera. So what other virtual world would Debby like to take her Mii into?

“Little Debby would definitely race Karts. Little Debby would take out Princess Peach and her weird little pink dress. Debby Mii would just crush it. She would probably get in a romantic relationship with Luigi and that’s the life I want to live.”

We absolutely love it. How cool would it be to race karts against Debby?

We can’t wait to play Tomodachi Life and Debby promises you will love being able to customize your experience and it may even help you be more comfortable being yourself in real social situations. “I know for a fact that being able to interact and represent yourself in that kind of situation, it’s made me more comfortable in social settings,” Debby told us. “I’m like, ‘ok this is who I am. This translates to real life and this is what I like.’ Being able to step that out and have that be ok and find the beauty in your relationship with other people whether or not you all look the same. It makes it more interesting if yours is more custom and that encourages you to be more custom in real life. I think that that’s beautiful.”

Nintendo’s Tomodachi Life is available now.