Raini Rodriguez & Adam Irigoyen Are “Growing Up and Down” in New Disney Channel Pilot


adamirigoyen-rainirodriguez-060414What would you do if your parents were magically teenagers again? Would you hang out with them at school? That’s exactly the premise of Disney Channel’s newest pilot.

Raini Rodriguez & Adam Irigoyen have landed the lead roles in the comedy “Growing Up and Down” which will also co-star Cecilia Balagot and Noah Centineo.

“Growing Up And Down” follows two adult parents who suddenly and inexplicably are transformed into teenagers again. Cecilia & Noah will be playing their teenage kids, who now must navigate high school with their parents — a couple with the daunting task of re-living their adolescence under the critical eyes of their children. Barry Wernick and Steve Leff wrote the pilot, production on which will begin in August.

Raini tweeted about the news saying, “I’m so excited to announce this and I can’t wait to start filming! Wooo!” Adam added, “Finally can let you guys know what i’m gonna be working on! @Raini_Rodriguez and I will do our best to make you laugh.”

We can’t wait to watch Raini & Adam together! Also, we loved Noah on “Austin & Ally” and you can see Cecilia on season 1 of “Girl Meets World.”