R5 Premiere Beautiful Black & White “One Last Dance” Music Video


r5-onelastdance-053014Just yesterday, R5 premiered the live version of their ballad “One Last Dance” and now we have the official music video!

The beautiful music video premiered on Seventeen.com and is all in black and white. We have to say, it definitely adds to the emotion of the song.

The video follows Rocky, Rydel, Ross, Ratliff & Riker as they each walk around various European towns solo. It’s intercut with footage from the live performance in London we saw earlier.

The song is a breakup song and Ratliff talked to Seventeen about the track. “It’s about ending on a good note and still being friends,” he says. “Maybe you’re going to college or going to the military. You want to remember the happy times you’ve had together instead of dwelling on the sad.”

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What is your favorite part of the music video? Also check out some outtakes from R5’s funny VEVO Lift video below. Vote for them here.