Ed Sheeran Enlists A Puppet for “Sing” Music Video – Watch!


edsheerans-singpuppet-052114Ed Sheeran is known for not really starring in his own music videos and for his latest, he’s enlisted a puppet!

The singer/songwriter premiered his new video for “Sing” on his Facebook and in the video we get to follow the journey of a puppet that looks a bit like Ed…plus some facial hair. The puppet hits up a karaoke bar and rocks the mic and also flirts with the bartender. He later hops in a limo and has a good old time.

Once the puppet starts to party in the limo, we finally get a glimpse of Ed who is show performing on a mesmerizing spiral background. The performance footage is then intercut with the adventures of his puppet doppelgänger. Oh, and Pharrell also pops up.

Watch Ed Sheeran’s music video for “Sing” below. What’s your favorite part?