Jennifer Lawrence Tests Her Lying Skills with Jimmy Fallon’s Box of Lies


jenniferlawrence-boxoflies-051514We all know that Jennifer Lawrence is pretty honest in her interviews, sometimes too honest, but how good is she at lying?

Jennifer stopped by the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote X-Men: Days of Future Past and became the latest guest to challenge Jimmy in the hilarious game Box of Lies.

In Box of Lies, one has to pick a box and either decide to tell the other person what’s in the box or lie about it. The opponent must then decide whether the other person is telling the truth or a lie. Lets just say the objects in the box are quite ridiculous so choosing truth or lie can get pretty tough.

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In between sharing what’s in their boxes, Jennifer and Jimmy did some hilarious accents and impressions. We really wish these two had played to 3 points instead of two.

Watch Jennifer & Jimmy play Box of Lies below! Update: Watch Jennifer talk about her embarrassing moment in front of Jennifer Lopez & more with Jimmy below.