Junket Interview: The Cast of ‘The Other Woman’ Share Filming Secrets & More


If you’re looking for a ton of fun and laughs this weekend, then The Other Woman is the movie for you!

The hilarious comedy stars Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton, Taylor Kinney & Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and tells the story of a woman (Cameron Diaz) who discovers her boyfriend is married. Afterwards, she tries to get her ruined life back on track but when she accidentally meets the wife he’s been cheating on (Leslie Mann), she realizes they have much in common, and her sworn enemy becomes her greatest friend. When yet another affair is discovered (Kate Upton), all three women team up to plot mutual revenge on their cheating, lying, three-timing SOB.

The movie does have a few slow parts, but overall, each of these ladies are on top of their game. From the jokes to the physical comedy, Leslie and Cameron are a dream team. It’s like a mix of 9 to 5 and John Tucker Must Die for a new generation. Also, this might be the funniest Lesie Mann has ever been. Kate Upton and Nicki Minaj also do well in their first real big screen roles. Oh, and we can’t forget how dreamy Taylor Kinney is and even though he’s a scumbag in the film, there’s something about Nikolaj that makes you hate him but sort of love him at the same time.

We had the chance to sit down with the cast at the press conference for the film where they talked about the girl power comedy, bonding, and shared more funny stories. Check out some highlights!

At first the movie seems like it’s just about these women who have been cheated on but ultimately it’s about friendship and women that you’d never think in a million years would be friends. Is that something that drew you to the script?
Cameron Diaz: Absolutely. I felt this was such a unique film. When Julie, the producer, came to me with the idea…it’s a great idea. There’s nothing out there like it. Usually when it’s a story about three women all being involved with the same man it usually ends in some sort of eyeballs scratched out and some weaves being snatched off. We decided that wasn’t the story we wanted to tell. We didn’t want it to be a story of revenge, we wanted it to be a story of utilizing the commonality of the three of them having a relationship with the same man to be a catalyst to bring them together. It’s not just a story about friendship and women and how we support one another, but it shows how different these women are. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses…they actually empower each other because of those strengths and weaknesses.

What was it like working with each other?
Leslie Mann: It was a thrill for me because I was super excited to make out with the hot guy from “Game of Thrones.” I’ve been married for 17 years and I was like ‘yesssss.’ You know how people are like ‘yeah, it’s really technical and it’s work…’ and I’m like ‘that’s bulls***.’ I was so excited to make out with him then we did the kissing scene and he has this scruff and I got red and not just red. I broke out into full hives. He washed his face and we did it again and I broke out in hives again. I was bummed. I finished the job…I got the job done because I’m a professional.
Taylor Kinney: The most challenging thing for me was working with Leslie and trying to keep a straight face. You’re in the middle of a scene and then she’ll throw a curveball then a grip starts laughing and you just have to keep going.

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The film was reminiscent of 9 to 5. Did you look at the film or remember it?
Cameron: 9 to 5 is one of my favorite movies. I watched it a thousand times when I was child. My girlfriend had a VCR with four movies and that was one of them. We watched it constantly and what I loved about this movie was the same thing. It was three women that would have never come together for any other reason except they had a common cause. That’s the feeling I wanted this movie to have. It was a huge influence for it.

Leslie, you’ve played some spectacular drunks. What’s your secret?
Leslie: Well, I observe a lot of you drunk people at bars. I don’t know…I think what I do is kind of let myself go there and fully commit to that drunk thing.

One of the funniest parts of the movie is the physical comedy. When Leslie tackles Cameron on the beach, it’s hilarious. What was it like doing those scenes?
Leslie: I’m strong. [laughs] We discovered that we have a fun chemistry physically so Cameron has really long legs and a shorter torso and I have a long torso and shorter legs.
Cameron: So her center of gravity is really low. Her torso is all torque. She powers up and torques and torques and all of a sudden she explodes and I’m holding her doing it and her leg wraps around me…it just became like sticky balls where you throw it on and it just sticks. It was funny because in the script there was no physical comedy scripted. We just started finding it in these little places. She would basically just hold on to me and I would just writhe in any way to get her off.

How did you all bond/relate as friends?
Leslie: We all kind of hit it off right away. We had a couple of dinners together and Cameron and I had a four hour dinner and talked about everything. We had a cast dinner which was really nice and then we just…I don’t know. We’re different but we’re very similar in a lot of ways and we complement each other in real life and on screen. Cameron is like the teacher and Kate’s like my daughter…she’s only 5 years older than my daughter so I was always wanting to protect her.

Be sure to check out The Other Woman in theaters now.

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