Artist to Watch: Nina Nesbitt Talks Debut US EP, Touring with Ed Sheeran & More


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A ton of amazing music acts have come out of Europe lately and one we have our eye on is Nina Nesbitt. Nina has conquered the UK already playing tons of sold out shows and receiving support from Ed Sheeran and now she’s ready to conquer the US.

Nina’s self-titled EP is available in the US now and consists of a collection of both Nina & her fan’s favorite tracks from her previous releases. We had the chance to chat with Nina all about her music, performing and more.

What was the first performance you had that really got people to start talking about you? School talent shows. They were really fun and I never played in front of a really big crowd before and after the first show, I loved it. I got a great reaction and I started playing instruments and going gigs after that.

You have a song called “Selfies,” so how did you write that song, what was it about? That song is like a modern day break up song on how when people feel a little bit low about themselves they see those pictures and think like look what you’re missing. I think we all kind of do it without knowingly doing it. So I thought it would just be a fun topic for a song.

If you could take the ultimate selfie with any celebrity, who would it be? That’s a lot to think about! But probably Debbie Harry.

You had a headlining show in New York that had about 400 people show up. What is it like seeing that many people show up to your show when your music is just starting to be released in the states? Yes that was just in November. It was crazy. I put the show on sale and thought maybe a hundred people will get tickets, and then it sold out and there was 400 people there. It was pretty crazy and one of the best shows that I’ve done even though it was just me and my guitar. It was one of the most enjoyable shows.

For people who aren’t familiar with your music, what can they expect from your EP that was just released? It’s like a musical diary of experiences. And then musically, it’s kind of acoustic, edgy, pop.

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You toured with Ed Sheeran, so what was that tour like and how did he ask you to join the tour? He asked me to play a song when I met him randomly, so I played him a song and he invited me on tour so it was very random. But the tour was amazing, getting to play to that many people every night.

You do write all your songs, so where does the inspiration come from for most of your songs? It comes from anything that I experience, really. The relationships, friendships, just observational walking of people… Literally anything can inspire me.

For fans who’ve never seen you live, what can they expect at a Nina Nesbitt concert? It depends where it is. If it’s in the U.K., it’s quite rocky with a band. But if it’s abroad somewhere else it’s just me and my guitar and piano at the moment so it’s a little bit more intimate.

You’ve toured so many places, what has been the most memorable show you’ve played? T in the Park, which is a music festival in Scotland, was amazing. It was the biggest stage I played at a festival, probably about ten thousand people. Or also the show in Hong Kong that I did, that was big as well. There were people who knew the song and I didn’t really expect it there. I loved the New York headlining show as well.

What is one fun fact fans probably don’t know about you? My fans know quite a lot about me but I would say I’ve had waffles with ice cream for breakfast every morning for the past two weeks!

What do you have coming up for the rest of 2014? I’m going back to the U.K. and playing in the festival season, then a U.K. tour, and then hopefully coming back out to America

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