It’s Morphin’ Time! Watch One Direction’s New Music Video for “You & I”


onedirection-youandi-041814Get ready for a mind trip with One Direction’s new music video for “You & I.”

Earlier in the week, Niall Horan teased that the music video was something the band had never done before and we have to say he was right! Ben Winston once again directed the group’s music video which is pretty simple yet captivating.

The video starts with Niall out on a pier in Somerset and slowing walking singing his verse. When Liam’s verse comes in, Niall quickly morphs into Liam. Trippy! The guys continue to morph into each other when their solos come up until we see a super close up of Harry and when it pans out all of the guys are there. Also, it’s not just all of the guys, but even doubles of them!

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The song is beautiful and we love the video and how about seeing 1D all in gray?

What is your favorite part of the “You & I” music video?