Taylor Swift Returns to Vlogging to Surprise Fan at Bridal Shower


taylorswift-vlog-041614How sweet is Taylor Swift??

When Taylor was up-and-coming, one of the things we loved most about her were her fun vlogs (video blogs) she would post on her Youtube every few months. The past few years we have been missing them but alas, Taylor has returned!

This morning, Taylor posted her first vlog in years and it is dedicated to a sweet fan named Gena. She tweeted:

Gena has been a longtime fan of Taylor and decided to send her wedding invitation to Taylor and her management. They saw it and since Taylor can’t attend the wedding, she decided to do the next best thing – surprise Gena at her bridal shower! Gena’s reaction is priceless.

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Taylor caught the whole experience on video and showed up with a ton of gifts and recipes. Ummm, Taylor, can you come to our next party?

Watch Taylor & Gena’s experience below. PS, can we just say there’s something endearing and adorable about the fact that Taylor vlogged on a camera that is not HD and still square aspect ratio. Oh sweet Taylor. Never change!