15 Hot Zac Efron ‘Neighbors’ GIFS to Make You Smile & Get You Groovin’


Get ready to get your fill of Zac Efron dancing!

To promote the upcoming comedy Neighbors, Zac and Seth Rogen filmed a funny skit with the cast of “Workaholics.” In the sketch, Adam, Blake and Ders interview Seth and Zac to find out which one of them will become their new cubicle mate.

Lets just say that Zac shows off some dance moves and even gives Adam a lap dance. We’re definitely jealous! Watch the hilarious sketch below. WARNING: This contains mature subject matter and is prob NSFW.

Also, Universal has released a new featurette for the film which hits theaters May 9.

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But, since it’s Zac and there’s dancing, we couldn’t let you go without serving up 15 hot Zac gifs from the sketch and featurette. Enjoy!