Zooey Deschanel & Taylor Swift Crash Seth Rogen’s “Saturday Night Live” Monologue


taylorswift-zooeydeschanel-041214Seth Rogen hosted “Saturday Night Live” tonight to promote his upcoming comedy Neighbors.

During his opening monologue, Seth decided to read some entries from his diary about his week preparing to host the show. He poked fun at his signature laugh and talked about how he didn’t want any help from friends during the show and that he was the one behind the James Franco incident with the girl on Instagram.

Well, despite Seth’s wishes, James Franco & Zooey Deschanel stepped out on stage to help out their friend. Then at the end of the monologue, another surprise cameo occurred – Taylor Swift! Seth was starting to get a bit emotional and Taylor popped out saying that whenever a man gets emotional, she appears! She was also on hand to cheer on her pal Ed Sheeran who performed on the show. Watch his performances here.

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Watch Zooey, Taylor and James crash Seth’s monologue below! PS, did you watch Seth’s sign off? How cute were Taylor & Zooey hugging and jumping around with each other? These two need to duet ASAP!