Listen to Ed Sheeran’s New Single “Sing”


edsheeran-sing-040714Yesterday, we got a sneak peek of Ed Sheeran’s new single “Sing” and now you can hear the full song!

We love how Ed can mix his beautiful singing voice with his awesome rhymes. We can definitely hear the growth from his first album to his second and we can’t wait to hear all of X.

Ed is such a unique performer and if you’ve ever seen him perform live, then you know he is a solo act and doesn’t use a band. Just him, a guitar and a loop pedal. It’s a crazy awesome experience but will he ever succumb to having a backing band? Ed covers the latest issue of Billboard magazine and dished, “Having a band as a singer-songwriter is a pretty standard thing, and I would lose my unique selling point once I’ve done that. No one’s taken that beyond a certain level, so to be able to do MSG with it was pretty special, but I think once a large majority of people have seen me do it, then I’ll move on.” He pauses. “I want to headline a stadium. [It’s happening]. I probably can’t say where, but we have booked one. And I think once I’ve done that, that’s me done on the loop pedal.”

On the new single, which he worked on with Pharrell Williams, Ed says he was influenced by Justin Timberlake. “It was pretty close to a direct inspiration,” he says. “I love Justified and FutureSex/LoveSounds, so I took inspiration from those.”

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Also, did you know the song almost didn’t happen? Pharrell told Billboard that Ed was reluctant to use a pre-existing track that he didn’t write. “He was like, ‘Nah, I love it, but it’s not for me.’ And I said, ‘Just give me a shot. Pick up your guitar and strum along with it for a little bit, and see what happens.’ So after figuring out the chords that I had laid down, in between jokes and people coming in with coffee, he kept playing it, and he looked up at me, like, ‘S***, is this really happening?’ as I’m looking at him with an ‘I told you so’ smile.” Pharrell continued, “He’s one of the most impressive, underestimated singer-songwriters of our time. And now he’s got a dance record. I say ‘dance’ not because it’s electronica, but because it’s danceable. And he was able to still tell a really good story on top of it.”

Read more of Ed’s cover story here and listen to “Sing” below!