Exclusive: Bailey Buntain Dishes on “Baby Daddy,” “Faking It” & More


baileybuntain-babydaddy-040214Wait, are we seeing double? No, it’s just Bailey Buntain with Melissa Peterman from tonight’s all new episode of “Baby Daddy.”

“Bunheads” alum Bailey guest stars on the new episode titled “The Wingmom” and she might remind you a little of Melissa. In the episode, Bonnie sets Ben up with Bailey (Bailey Buntain), a fast-talking, animated spitfire with plenty of attitude. Everything seems to be going well until Ben realizes his new girlfriend is a mini version of his mother and he has to break up with her. However, Bailey refuses to be dismissed so easily, and Ben resorts to desperate measures to get her out of his life once and for all. Meanwhile, Danny pulls his dad’s beloved car out of storage, but it’s a bumpy start for “Adele the Chevelle” once Tucker and Riley get a hold of the keys.

We had the chance to chat with Bailey about guest starring on the hilarious show, working with Melissa and her highly anticipated upcoming projects “Faking It” and “Petals on the Wind.”

You’re playing Bailey in tonight’s “Baby Daddy.” How would you describe her?
Bailey: Well first of all, the name is really a stretch. She is a mini Bonnie, actually. She is sassy and funny spit-fire, tons of attitude, back talking… she’s like a firework.

Did you study any of Melissa Peterman’s acting habits or style while you were trying to get this character down?
Bailey: Totally! And how awesome is it to be able to do that? They were really great about certain things they wanted like gestures or inflections just to really show are similar they are. So it was really fun for me because Melissa is so great to be able to play around with her and mimic her. It was so much fun.

What was it like working with the cast?
Bailey: It was really fun! I had met some of them previously but working with them was so much fun. They are all friends and they love working together so it was a really fun environment to guest star on.

Is there any chance of you returning to the show?
Bailey: I don’t know. I would love that. I certainly had a lot of fun so that would be really fun. We’ll see!

Bonnie ends up playing the “wing mom” for Ben in this episode. Do you think you would make a good “wing woman” or have your parents ever tried to play matchmaker for you?
Bailey: I think would make a really bad “wing woman.” I would not be awesome at setting people up, but I have been set up before. The person I’m actually with right now I was set up on a blind date. So I think it will work if you know the right people.

Did your parents ever try to play matchmaker for you?
Bailey: Oh heck no! But my sister was the one who set us up.

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ABC Family fans will probably know you from working on “Bunheads,” and since then you’ve been on a few comedies like “The Middle.” But what is the hardest part about doing a comedy versus a drama.
Bailey: I think with comedy, especially with “Baby Daddy” because it’s a sitcom, it was much fun because you have the studio audience to play off of. So you know right away what’s working and what’s not because you’re hearing people laugh. So that was really fun to do it in front of a live audience and hear their response and see what works and what doesn’t. Also with the cast, they’re such pros with that like they’re so funny and work off of each other so well that they made it easy for me to step into such a high comedy show and feel comfortable and confident with it.

I know the trailer for a new show you’re on “Faking It” just premiered. What can you tell fans about that show?
Bailey: “Faking It” airs on April 22nd on MTV and it’s a comedy. Not a sitcom but it is a comedy and it’s a high school show about kind of flipping stereotypes and all the different ways that kids fake it to be accepted.

Can you tease us a little bit about your character?
Bailey: I play Lauren and she is the mean girl, bully who feels very entitled to rule the school.

You’ve been very busy because you also have a Lifetime movie “Petals on the Wind.” What was it like bringing that book to life?
Bailey: It was really great because I didn’t realize how big those books were. Then when I started mentioning it to people they were like “oh my gosh I love those books!” So it was totally my honor to be able to do that. But it was really fun. There is so much context to that part and to that role because it was a book and a sequel. So that part was fun to have so much history and context to prepare and play that part.

Of all the characters you’ve played, is there one that you relate the most to?
Bailey: I think a part of me relates to all of them. I just think it’s how much. Like there’s a part of me that is like Ginny, there’s a part of me that was like Bailey… There is a part of me that is in all of those but I hope Lauren the least because Lauren’s not very nice! But I think I relate to all of them in some ways.

Be sure to catch Bailey on “Baby Daddy” tonight at 8:30pm on ABC Family.