Max Schneider & Zendaya Team Up for Awesome Cover of “Safe & Sound”


maxschneider-zendaya-040114We were obsessed with Kurt Hugo Schneider’s covers for Coca-Cola where he used Coca-Cola cans and bottles as the instruments. Now he’s teamed up with more of our favorites for another awesome video.

Max Schneider, Zendaya & Kina Grannis join Kurt for the latest video for Coca-Cola’s AHH Effect which is an awesome cover of “Safe & Sound” by Capital Cities. The video was shot all in one take and uses Coca-Cola cans and bottles as the only instruments.

Coca-Cola’s “The AHH Effect” campaign explores the feeling of happiness, satisfaction and refreshment one experiences after drinking an ice-cold Coke – through 61 different websites. Each website features a piece of bite-sized content, from gifs to games to videos – like this video with Zendaya, which has its own URL.

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“The AHH Effect” is producing content based on the creative ideas of teens, too! Through April 10, teens can submit a 15-second video sharing what it feels like when they take a sip of Coke at for a chance to be featured in a Coca-Cola TV commercial. Creative teens can be a part of “The AHH Effect” campaign, just like Max, Zendaya, Kina and Kurt!

What do you think of Max & Zendaya’s teamup?