One Direction Deal With “Crazy” Photographer in “That Moment” Perfume Film


onedirection-thatmoment-033114One Direction will be releasing a special edition of their first fragrance, now dubbed That Moment by One Direction, starting in April around the world and to get fans excited, they’ve released a hilarious promo video.

The teaser video shows Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Harry at the photoshoot for their fragrance where they are being shot by a very interesting photographer. Lets just say that he has a very interesting approach and really wants all the guys to envision “that moment.

That Moment has evolved from the band’s strong desire to respond to the needs of their fans. They have created a new fragrance which takes some of the original notes from Our Moment, pink grapefruit and jasmine, and mixes them up with new scents such as green apple and violet for energy and vibrancy.

Watch the teaser below and see the full video at

That Moment Release Dates:

Country Available From
Austria 15th May 2014
Australia 14th April 2014
Belgium 15th May 2014
Bolivia 12th June 2014
Bosnia & Herzegovina 15th May 2014
Bulgaria 15th May 2014
Canada 5th May 2014
Caribbean 5th May 2014
Colombia 12th June 2014
Costa Rica 12th June 2014
Croatia 15th May 2014
Cyprus 15th May 2014
Czech Republic 15th May 2014
Denmark 2nd April 2014
El Salvador 12th June 2014
Finland 2nd April 2014
France 15th May 2014
Germany 15th May 2014
Gibraltar 15th May 2014
Holland 15th May 2014
Honduras 12th June 2014
Hungary 15th May 2014
Iceland 2nd April 2014
Indonesia 12th June 2014
Ireland 2nd April 2014
Israel 12th June 2014
Italy 15th May 2014
Kosovo 15th May 2014
Kuwait 12th June 2014
Lithuania 15th May 2014
Malaysia 12th June 2014
Malta 15th May 2014
Mexico 5th May 2014
New Zealand 1st June 2014
Norway 10th April 2014
Panama 12th June 2014
Philippines 12th June 2014
Poland 15th May 2014
Portugal 15th May 2014
Puerto Rico 5th May 2014
Romania 15th May 2014
Serbia 15th May 2014
Singapore 12th June 2014
Slovenia 15th May 2014
Spain 1st May 2014
Sweden 14th April 2014
Switzerland 15th May 2014
Thailand 12th June 2014
United Kingdom 2nd April 2014
USA 5th May 2014

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