Exclusive: Maddie Hasson Teases “Twisted” Season Finale and Jo & Danny’s Feelings


maddiehasson-interview-040114Get ready for one dark and, well, “twisted” episode of television on the season finale of “Twisted” tonight.

In the season finale, titled “A Tale of Two Confessions,” Kyle’s investigation culminates with a series of shocking and contradictory confessions and potentially deadly consequences. The complicated triangle between Jo, Danny and Charlie comes to a shocking head. Karen and Tess uncover more of Vikram’s secrets, including a piece of evidence that has major implications for Tess and the Masterson family. Meanwhile, Whitney’s mother Gretchen (Elaine Hendrix) shows up to bring her daughter back to the city, and her candor about Whitney’s past causes Lacey to question her friend. And Rico makes a major faux pas in his first meeting with Andie’s parents.

It definitely sounds like a ton of drama is heading our way. We had the chance to chat with Maddie Hasson all about the big episode and it sounds like some crazy stuff is about to go down.

“I can tell you that there is a big cliffhanger at the end involving pretty much all of the cast and you get to see Charlie go super crazy,” she shared. “What else can I say… what happens? I don’t know!”

Over the course of the season, we’ve definitely seen Danny go from the killer we all thought he was to an actual good guy. But is he still dark? “I think he’ll always have a certain darkness to him because of what he’s been through. But I think he is a good guy all in all.”

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Throughout the season, we’ve also seen the pivotal love triangle between Danny, Jo and Lacey. We’re still not quite sure who we “ship” but Maddie promises that there will be a scene to look out for in the finale. “They actually deal with that in the season finale,” Maddie said of Jo and her feelings for Danny. “They get a moment to kind of talk about how they really feel for each other.”

So since Jo is so unlucky in love, what advice does Maddie have for her? “I would say maybe stick to your guns when you said you needed to figure out who you were without Danny. But apply that to all boys in your life. I think that’s something a lot of young women have to learn, I’m learning it myself right now.”

Lastly, we’ve seen Jo change throughout the season and Maddie talked with us about Jo’s progression. “I think she’s found her independence as a women. She’s definitely grown a lot from the Jo that we see in the first episode ever where she’s very shy. I think she’s gained a lot of strength.” She continued, “In season 2 I would like to see her continue on this path of independence and maybe become more of her own person.”

Be sure to tune in for the season 1 finale of “Twisted” Tuesday, April 1st (9:00 – 10:00 PM ET/PT) on ABC Family.