Kendall Schmidt Premieres Heffron Drive “Parallel” Lyric Video & Single Out Now!


heffrondrive-parallel-030314The day has arrived! Heffron Drive has released a new single called “Parallel” and you can listen to it below!

Heffron Drive is made up of Kendall Schmidt & Dustin Belt and the song is definitely something we’ve had on repeat. You can get it on iTunes HERE!

Kendall wrote the song with the awesome Toby Gad and he revealed to PopCrush that it’s one of the hardest songs he’s ever written. “That song took like three sessions over three weeks to write and it was definitely one of the most challenging songs I’ve had to write lyrically, because one of the things about Toby is he’s… really made me practice and not just settle with basic lyrics. It really sort of challenged me to write at the best of my abilities.”

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Kendall is busy working on the upcoming Heffron Drive album and it will be released on his own label, TOLbooth Records. “I’ve been talking about it for a couple of years now, but it’s taken some time to get all put together,” Kendall told PopCrush. “Of course, [I’m in] the beginning stages of it because the first thing that’s being released through my label is ‘Parallel’ and eventually I’d like to get to a place where I can sign other artists and help with their careers… I really want it to be a label more focused on artists themselves and their music that they want to show people, because I think that’s what needs to be heard.”

Check out Heffron Drive’s lyric video below and don’t forget to get “Parallel” HERE!