Justin Bieber Tatts Up His Arm Then Says He’s Done with Tattoos…For Now


justinbieber-shirtless-032514Calvin Klein model or just Justin Bieber?

Justin took to Instagram this morning to show off his latest batch of tattoos. The 20-year-old went to town the past week or so getting his right arm filled up with tatts just like his left arm. Justin added a ghost, an eight-ball, some fish scales, and a ton more random pictures and words to his arm that already had a Banksy inspired girl with a balloon and some Chinese symbols.

After his tattoo spree, Justin shared a pic on Instagram with the caption “Done with tats 4 a while… Where I wanna be.” Hmmm, do you think the Biebs is really done getting ink for now? We have a feeling he will be tempted to get another soon.

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What do you think of Justin’s latest tattoos? Which is your favorite? Which is your least favorite?