Logan Lerman on Breaking Out of the Teen Scene, Fashion & Shia Labeouf


loganlerman-shortlist-032414Logan Lerman models some floral and camo prints for his feature for Shortlist Mode.

A grown up Logan opens up to the site about trying to breakaway from the teen roles he’s known for, working with Brad Pitt & Shia Labeouf and more.

On taking on more mature roles in Noah & Fury: “It’s a conscious move. It’s something I want to break out of, diversify my characters, not let it get boring doing the same thing. It’s also about working with the filmmakers I like – and great filmmakers aren’t doing teen movies.”

On working with Darren Aronofsky, Ray Winstone & more in Noah: “I’ll do anything for a role with a filmmaker that I really love. I’d entertain their kids, nanny, whatever. I’d literally fight for a role. I found out that Darren was doing a movie and I just wanted to do it, regardless. I’m not really religious, but I was excited by this idea, this Aronofsky-esque approach to the Bible. I initially went up for Shem, the older brother, but then Aronofsky asked whether I’d mind going for Ham. I was like, ‘F*ck yeah, I’ll do it. Anything you want. I’ll suck your d*ck!’”

He continued: “Ray Winstone is a hero of mine. He’s one of the greatest – a beast. A sexy beast. I had a good time working with him. You go into a scene and there are so many options. And you just play. The better the actor, the more options and the more unexpected choices you make. Like a tennis match, the better the player you’re playing against, the better your game is. Ray’s character in Noah, Tubal Cain, was so rich and violent – a lot of fun to work off. It’s always interesting to see a tough guy on screen. It’s always interesting when they’re crazy, too. There is a certain level of badass which guys respond to, but it depends what the director does with the character, because it can always go south. A lot of tough guys have failed and haven’t been comfortable to watch.”

On fashion: “I respect fashion but I wouldn’t say I’ve got a sense of style or a wide taste in clothing. I’m always in dark colours if I dress myself – black, dark blue or grey. I never dress myself for events or anything. It’s always weird, like I’m lying in a way. I’m not really being me. But at the same time I appreciate the help, otherwise I would just be wearing the same sh*t every day.”

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On not watching some of his own movies: “I didn’t watch Perks until it was released. I really liked it, but felt uncomfortable watching it. I know it’s a character and everything, but it’s still uncomfortable to watch that sh*t. That’s kind of how I feel about Fury right now. I just got hazed throughout the whole film; the actors and director really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I hated being out there, but towards the end of it, it felt like I got Stockholm syndrome – I quite liked it. And they brought sh*t out of me that I didn’t even know was there. I’ve got to thank them for that.”

On Brad Pitt: “You want to talk about tough guys? I think Brad Pitt is one of the coolest tough guys in movie history. Fight Club is one of my favourite films and Tyler Durden is one of the most badass characters ever. Every morning at 5am, David Ayer had us put on UFC-style padded clothes and fight each other for a few hours. I forgot Brad is f*cking 50, you know? He’s in killer shape and f*cking fought with the young dudes. He still looks like Tyler Durden.”

On working with Shia Labeouf: “He didn’t really shower. The guy smelt like sh**. Not like actual sh**, but of BO. When we were fighting, I didn’t want to get his arm around my neck because of that stench. But the dude was just f*cking dedicated, you know? More than any other actor I’ve ever worked with. I love that guy.”

For more, go here. Logan can be seen next in Noah out March 28 and Fury out November 14, 2014.

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