Bella Thorne Teams Up Again with the Thirst Project to Reveal a “Dirty Little Secret”


bellathorne-thirstproject-031214Want to know a secret?

Bella Thorne has once again teamed up with The Thirst Project for their 2nd Annual Dirty Little Secret Campaign. What exactly is that you ask?

Did you know that millions of people all over the world do not have clean water to drink or use? We tend to take water for granted so Bella & The Thirst Project want you to take action and help alert people of this global problem. Thirst Project is asking students to take an old plastic water bottle, remove the label, and (using the recipe for “the perfect dirty water”) cook up their best batch of dirty water to carry around in it. Students will carry this water bottle with them EVERYWHERE during the month of March; classrooms, on their desks, the dinner table etc. The goal is to shock people, get their attention, and get them to ask the students, “What the heck is THAT, and WHY are you drinking it?!?” This gives students the chance to have conversations with people about the reality of the global water crisis and how many people suffer from it.

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To find out more info and to get the recipe for “dirty water,” go HERE.

Bella Thorne Shares a Dirty Little Secret from The Thirst Project on Vimeo.