Debby Ryan and Lucy Hale Announce Album Titles!


debbyryan-album-021414Two of our favorite ladies have announced big album news!

First up, Lucy Hale has been enjoying the success of her first single and decided to share some exciting news about her album earlier this week. Lucy’s debut album will be titled Road Between. We like it! It definitely has a country feel to it but it also makes us excited to hear the rest of her songs.

Another lovely lady who just dropped some major news is Debby Ryan. The 20-year-old will be releasing her first album, One on June 24. Billboard debuted the news about the album which will come via Debby and her band – Debby & The Never Ending.

“This album doesn’t exist because I wanted to make an album,” Debby told Billboard. “It probably exists in spite of myself. I’ve been telling other people’s stories as an actor, and there’s a comfort for me in that. But I started getting this insatiable need to tell stories from inside my own head, speak from my own heart.”

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The album will feature nine tracks which she said helped her “find her voice. It’s happy, it’s fun, it’s lovestruck, and stubborn; it’s broken, bruised, and healing. It’s my tongue-in-cheek, chip-on-my-shoulder, one-foot-in-front-of-the-other glass house. It’s being teenage, becoming twenty one, surviving life with the best dudes I know, and out of our things that are never ending, this is number one.”

Debby and The Never Ending is made up of Debby, guitarists Kyle Moore and Carman Kubanda, bassist Edwin Carranza, drummer Johnny Franco and keyboardist Harry Allen.

“My band members are my best friends and the most real dudes I have ever met,” she said. “To know that I can tell them any side of any story without them judging… is such a great feeling. Instead they help me communicate the stories properly. They have truly become my brothers.”

Look out for content leading up to the release starting in April.

Are you excited for Debby & Lucy’s albums?