Shailene Woodley & Theo James Bring Out the Guns in Latest ‘Divergent’ Still + Soundtrack Details


divergent-guns-012614Shailene Woodley & Theo James are ready for a fight in this new still from Divergent.

We cannot wait for the release of the film and now we have details on another important component – the soundtrack! The album will feature songs from Ellie Goulding & Zedd. Divergent: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will hit stores Mar. 11 and will feature a new Goulding song titled “Beating Heart” as well as “Find You” by Zedd feat. Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant. In addition, Goulding contributed vocals to the Divergent film score.

What else can we expect? Moviefone hit the set of the movie and they promise audiences will love the chemistry between Shailene and Theo.

“As the new trailer makes obvious, the two leads have an undeniable chemistry. While every line they say to each other in the book didn’t make it into the screenplay, the two leads made a point of saying the Big Stuff is there, and it’s fabulous.

“I think their relationship in the book is slightly different, but obviously there’s only a certain amount of scenes that we can play in the movie,” Woodley told us. “So the arc of Tris and Four I don’t think is as full of the certain small nuances. But it’s good guys! Don’t worry it’s good.”

James confirmed that the romantic scene when Tris inspects Four’s tattoos (which the trailer teases) is as pivotal in the movie as it is in the book. “Yes, that scene remains in. That’s an important scene for us as well [as fans],” he said.”The great thing about their relationship at the beginning is that they’re not suddenly in love. I mean obviously they kind of are as soon as they see each other but they have this fractious thing because he’s trying to remain some sort of authority and she’s discovering herself so they are kind of back and fourth.””

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They also say it’s not like Twilight or The Hunger Games and there will be differences between the book and film.

“Every director of an adaptation struggles with pleasing the hardcore book fans and creating a film adaptation that’s simultaneously faithful and fresh. Woodley says she hopes book fans will understand the differences.

“Obviously the book is what — 400 pages? The script is 90 pages, and there are some things in the book that logic-wise wouldn’t make sense in a theatrical way, so we had to switch the way we are presenting it,” she explained.

For example, in the movie it’s obvious that Four is more than two years older than Tris, as it’s written in the book. James thinks this was a necessary change: “I think for Four to have that experience as a leader and as someone of high skill that he is, that he joined two years ago and now he’s this f—ing legend, I think it makes more sense that he’s been there a bit longer, only a few more years.””

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