Exclusive: “Baby Daddy” Cast Teases Love Triangle, Guest Stars and Season 3 Fun


babydaddyints-011514“Baby Daddy” returns to ABC Family tonight and get ready for a lot more laughs.

The end of season 2 finally saw Ben and Riley get together but of course, nothing ever goes as planned. At the end, Angela, Emma’s mom, made her return and she might be coming in between Ben and Riley.

In the premiere episode, “The Naked Truth,” Ben and Riley try to transition from friendship to being a couple, which results in a hugely embarrassing moment for Riley. Ben is still angry with Bonnie for bringing Emma’s mom Angela (guest star Mimi Gianopulos) back into their lives. Angela tries to show Bonnie she’s a capable mother while hoping for a fresh start with Ben. Meanwhile, Tucker tries to help Danny get over Riley and Amy with his five-step “T.U.C.K.E.R.” break-up recovery system.

We had the chance to visit the set of “Baby Daddy” to chat with Chelsea Kane, Derek Theler, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Tahj Mowry & Melissa Peterman all about what we can expect this season including new love interests, guest stars and more.

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What can fans really expect in season 3 and what do you love about it?
Tahj Mowry: Probably just the character development. We’re really getting to know these characters, especially Tucker. We see more of his job in season 3 and we meet his father and I think his mother later on in the season as well. Mary Hart plays his new boss now which was a lot of fun. She killed it. You get to dive into everyone’s character more now because everyone knows the character. It’s about the balance of raising this baby while maintaining each of their lives. They’re getting better at it but Bonnie’s definitely a big help. She’s always around and we need her around. Cause we’re all still pretty much idiots. We haven’t gotten that much smarter except now we can hold a baby. Tucker gets a new lady friend and his love life, job, etc, we get to see all that in season 3.
Jean-Luc Bilodeau: Angela comes back and Ben feels like he maybe needs to give it a shot with her for Emma’s sake. He soon realizes it’s not a good idea and it completely ruins his progress with Riley.
Chelsea Kane: At the end of season 2, Ben and Riley finally get together. Riley gets her big kiss then the baby’s mom walks in.
Derek Theler: Danny is crying on his mom’s couch for the first few episodes. He’s having a hard time watching his dream girl date his brother.

Do you want the love triangle to survive through the whole show and never be answered?
CK: I don’t know. I feel like I’m one of those people that always tunes in for the Ross & Rachels but once someone gets together it’s like “oh ok, well I’m bored now.” So I think I like they keep a little mystery going.
DT: I feel bad for my character. I think he still needs to get a shot with the girl. It could still be fun if they get together though.
JLB: I feel like it’s the Ross and Rachel thing but I think the fans are happy with either or. Like if I was with Riley it’s fine but they also like the Danny/Riley thing. I want to make the fans happy. I think the last episode of the second season when we kissed, I think that was the most talked about scene of the entire series. So i think that gave them some juice. I’d like to see Ben find someone who can help him take care of Emma, whether that’s with Riley or not, it doesn’t matter to me.

Do you think Riley could pick neither?
JLB: I’ve always thought that’d be a funny idea and her pick Tucker or something. I think that’d be a really fun idea but we’re so far from that right now. It’s so premature to think of who she’ll be with. I feel like it will be into season 5 or 6 when they finally have her settle down with someone.

We’ve seen how Danny reacts to Riley and Ben together. How would Ben react if Riley and Danny were together?
JLBL I feel like Ben would be a little bit heartbroken but the way he handles heartbreak, he’d just go out to the bar and distract himself. He has a lot to worry about already with being a father. I feel like he’d do what a lot of dudes do and go to the bar, take care of the kid and move on.

We hear Bonnie starts dating a much younger man. Can we expect more babies on the show?
Melissa Peterman: If I get my way, yes. Have you seen him? [laughs] Yes, I do date a younger man, Peter Porte, who is just beautiful and also he’s funny which makes me mad because it’s like oh the Lord gave you so many blessings. And he’s really nice. We’ve had him on already 3 times this season and i think he’s back again. He plays Brad, the #1 realtor in Manhattan and to me, it’s the first sort of character they’ve brought on the show where it’s like Bonnie’s met her match. Wouldn’t be awesome if then Bonnie is a baby mama? I know nothing but that would be far far in the future.

How do the boys react?
MP: They like it. I think in the show he is younger than Danny. We do an episode where Danny actually doesn’t want me to break up with Brad because they have so much in common. They had a little bit of a bromance. As an actor and a character, Peter/Brad just fit in really well. And google him because you’re going to say “thank you” when you see a picture.

What’s coming for Bonnie & Tucker? They are one of our favorite relationships on the show.
TM: We just shot an episode that is totally Tucker/Bonnie. It’s great, it’s amazing. It involves piano playing and a little bit of singing from Bonnie and maybe a little rapping from Tucker. It’s really really funny. I’ve been hearing on our set that it’s one of everyone’s favorite scenes so far that they’ve watched. I don’t play the piano so that was fun just pretending.

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Can we expect more Hey Tucker’s and what set do you want to go to?
TM:I think so! If Tucker could choose, he’d probably want to go to Ravenswood. He’s probably going to get in trouble, get a little scared, that crow will come after him. I’ve seen that crow in the promos and I think it plays a big part. [It’s a raven]. Oh, see, there you go. Tucker would go in and say how’s it been living in Crowswood.

Something we absolutely love is the flashback scenes. Will we be seeing more of those?
CK: Oh yeah. We just shot some.
DT: There’s an episode where Ben and Riley work together in an ice cream parlor. It has to do with her mother and aunt.
CK: Yeah, you get to see everyone as teenagers again. It’s Emma’s first birthday and we’re also looking back at the boys’ first birthdays.
DT: It’s hilarious. For my first birthday they picked like a four year old to play me.
MP: Oh my gosh, I don’t know if you follow me on twitter, but you should because the pictures are awesome. I got to go back to Danny and Ben’s first birthdays so it’s 1989 Bonnie and 1991 Bonnie. 89 Bonnie is full on perm, 8 inches of bangs and I was wearing a Bon Jovi shirt. Full on 80s eye shadow. So great. For the 90s we did kind of the Glenn Close with just the real curly and bangs like “i will not be ignored.” I’m sorry, but when Jean-Luc plays teenage Ben, I cannot take it. I probably have 13 videos on my phone from in between takes. I love the flashbacks and I think that’s a whole other spinoff.

How much fun is it to put that fat suit on?
CK: It’s so much fun. The whole prosthetic process is amazing, the transformation is so quick. It’s fun to see everyone’s reactions on set but it’s so hot. I love that we always get to play with costumes. We have a renaissance episode and the boys are dressed as clowns for Emma’s birthday.

We hear there are some great guest stars this season. Can you fill us in?
JLB: Mary Hart was exactly how I pictured her. She was the sweetest woman alive and super funny to work with. It was funny because she plays herself so when she got into character, you’re like that’s the lady you watched on Entertainment Tonight. Bruce, who played my dad for three years Kyle XY got to come play with us for an episode. It’s always fun working with people that you used to work with. The last time I worked with Bruce, I was 16 years old.
MP: We had Mary Hart which is just crazy. For everyone, that was on your TV set forever. She looks the same, her legs are still “insured.” She plays Tucker’s boss so there’s a possibility she will be back. Tahj and I made up Mary Hart theme songs for her show cause she plays a talk show host. We’ve had Cassie Scerbo who was a pistol. She was super fun.

What about Reba? Would she ever guest star?
MP: The invitation is out to Ms McIntyre. She really wanted to do it and she even tweeted out what part would you want me to play. She gave us two weeks of availability this time but they didn’t’ fit into this schedule. Season 4, knock on wood, that we are back and she’d love to do it. The people on twitter, when she tweeted out, I think a fan suggested that she play Emma’s grandma. Like her daughter never told her that she had a granddaughter and she just shows up and is like where’s my granddaughter and it leaves it open for her to come back. Some of our writers pitched that she play Ben and Danny’s first grade teacher that they’ve all had the hots for. Truly, anything she wanted to do, I think everyone would let her do whatever. It’s Reba McIntyre. I’d love to have Steve Howey, Joanna…everyone.

Do you think we’ll see Ben change at all this season?
JLB: I don’t think Ben is ever going to change and that’s why people like him. He always finds a way to mess something up but then he genuinely tries to make things better. It’s like a love/hate thing people love about Ben. The way he works out of them is why you love him. As the show progresses, he’ll become more mature but then more immature in other places.

All of you are so funny so it must be hard to get through scenes. Are there any you remember that were hard to get through?
TM: Any scene with JL. Any scene we do is ridiculous. Like today, our first scene was sleeping in a tent. Really easy right? Then I hear laughing behind me and I’m like, really JL? Already? Normally it’s the scenes where we have a serious scene with each other on the fire escape. When it’s just us is when it’s hard. I don’t know what it is with him but when he looks at me and I look at him, it’s just too much.
JLB: I mess up like 20 times a night. Probably the ones where the baby does something funny. Today she started picking tahj’s nose and putting her finger in his mouth after she picked his and her nose. He finally lost it after a huge paragraph.

Be sure to tune in for all the crazy antics of “Baby Daddy” when it premieres on ABC Family tonight at 8:30pm.