Zac Efron Likes to Gift Girls with Drawings – InStyle February 2014


zacefron-instyle-011114Zac Efron goes black and white in his photospread for InStyle.

Zac is featured in the February issue promoting his latest film That Awkward Moment. In the feature, a few of Zac’s female co-stars like Imogen Poots, Nicole Kidman and Rose Byrne weigh in on working with the heartthrob and Zac admits that he has an artsy side.

“I like to sketch — it’s my favorite medium,” Zac shared. “I’ve done drawings and paintings for girls, but mostly I do comic books. Sometimes it’s just nice to put thought and care into something original.”

Check out some more highlights:

On his relationships away from filming:
“In real life I’m not as overwrought about dating. That said, I’m not really great at dating either. I’m usually a one-woman guy, but these last four years I’ve been anything but. It’s been an extreme time, but it’s over now.”

On his favorite type of women:
“My brother would say that I do [have a type]. Anybody that looks exotic, regardless of race. And brunettes. You have to understand, when I was young I saw ‘Wayne’s World.’ And Cassandra – oh, man, Tia Carrere But so much of what’s beautiful about a girl is what come through when you meet and actually get to talk to her.”

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On Nicole:
“First of all, when I think Nicole Kidman, I don’t think older woman. She’s a woman who informed what I found attractive. You want to be the kind of dude who can earn a Nicole Kidman. And to share romantic scenes with someone I admire so much was pretty overwhelming.”

On his acting career:
“There are people who were born to play action roles or to be the hero, and I’m not that guy. I think I have potential, but I don’t feel that way about myself yet. I’d like people to be excited about my best cast. I respect that sense of ownership that fans have about the superhero characters they’ve grown up with because I feel the same way. True lovers of any franchise, pre-existing or otherwise, have the right to be critical.”

We would love to see some of Zac’s artwork! For more, be sure to pick up the February issue. That Awkward Moment opens January 31, 2014.

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