Dylan O’Brien Still Crushing on Selena Gomez & How Well Does He Know Tyler Posey?


dylan-tyler-010714Did you catch the mid-season premiere of “Teen Wolf” last night? It was one super crazy episode! Between the weird dreams, ghosts and that end scene with Peter and Derek, it’s shaping up to be one of the craziest seasons yet. We have a feeling that’s why they’ve dubbed it “Lose Your Mind.”

After the episode, Dylan O’Brien & Tyler Posey joined Jill Wagner for the first episode of “Wolf Watch,” the fun new after show that airs after each episode. The two talked about what’s ahead of the season and then put their bromance to the test by seeing just how much they know about each other.

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During the game, Dylan revealed that his biggest celebrity crush in still Selena Gomez and Tyler talked about his first ever kiss with Miley Cyrus. How stinkin cute are Dylan and Tyler?

Also check out the first episode of the “After After Show” and the preview for next week’s episode!