Casting Net: Hailee Steinfeld and Robert Pattinson Eyeing New Roles in ‘Ten Thousand Saints’ & ‘The Childhood of a Leader’


pattinson-steinfeld-121013It looks like Hailee Steinfeld and Robert Pattinson are continuing to fill up their filming schedule.

Hailee is currently filming the movie Barely Lethal and according to Deadline, she’s now in talks to star in Ten Thousand Saints. The film will be an adaptation of Eleanor Henderson’s 2011 novel set in “1980s New York City in the age of CBGB, yuppies and gentrification that culminated in 1988′s Tompkins Square Park riots.”

The coming-of-age tale follows Vermont teenager Jude, who moves in with his hippie dad in NYC after his best friend Teddy overdoses. There he falls in with the no drugs, no sex, no meat straight-edge hardcore punk scene of the East Village. Hailee will play Eliza, who becomes pregnant with Teddy’s child and leans on his brother Johnny and Jude for support.

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In other casting news, Robert Pattinson is attached to star in Brady Corbet’s directorial debut The Childhood of a Leader. The drama tells the childhood of a post-World War I leader and is tentatively scheduled to shoot in Europe starting in May. Juliette Binoche & Tim Roth are also attached to star.