Interview: “Baby Daddy” Cast Talks Christmas Episode & Childhood Toys


babydaddy-christmas-120913“Baby Daddy” returns to ABC Family on January 15 with all-new episodes but before then, we’re getting a hilarious Christmas episode.

If you love “Baby Daddy” and you remember the episode where the gang took their Christmas card photos in the summer, then you know this special holiday episode will be even bigger and crazier than that one.

In “Emma’s First Christmas,” Ben and Danny end up in elf suits as they try and find the perfect toy for Emma, while Riley and Tucker volunteer to help Bonnie pull off the perfect Christmas. Joining in on the fun is Leslie Jordan.

We had the chance to sit down with Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Chelsea Kane, Tahj Mowry, Derek Theler & Melissa Peterman to talk all about the episode which is like a mix of the Griswold family and Jingle All the Way.

First up, we will get to see Danny and Ben do their darndest to get Emma that prized gift of the year – the Gig Gorilla. “We have to get Emma the most coveted toy of the season, the Gig Gorilla,” Derek told us. “The only way we find access to this toy is to get these jobs in Santa’s Workshop at the mall and it’s great. We have Leslie Jordan as a guest star. He’s tiny and he ends up shaking things up and faking us out and throwing us in the back of the truck and we end up out of town for Christmas Eve.”

Jean-Luc added, “It’s like a magical episode almost and it’s the first of its kind for us. It was just fun. I love being in the Christmas outfits. Derek and I get a job at the mall dancing for the mall Santas as elves. We both get stuck in this shipping container that takes us to Pennsylvania and this all happens on Christmas.”

Do Danny and Ben make good elves? “You see the boys in elf costumes and to see Danny [Derek] who is 6’6 in an elf costume is just hilarious,” Melissa told us. When asked if they were more of goofy elves or sexy elves, she joked, “Derek can’t help but make it look sexy…did I just say that? But they both look adorable.” Judging from the photos, we have to agree!

The other part of the episode has Bonnie teaming up with Riley and Tucker to decorate the apartment for Christmas. “It’s worse than the Christmas card episode,” Tahj spilled. “When you see this episode, you’ll see all the decorations like the fire escape is one of those houses you drive by in your car when you want to see Christmas lights.”

He continued, “Whenever Tucker is with Bonnie, you can expect some craziness. Bonnie is just really into Christmas to the point where it’s not fun anymore. Tucker’s just not with his family ever during the holidays. They don’t really like him much I guess [laughing]. Bonnie sort of recruits Riley & Tucker to help out with the decorations and you can expect a lot of yelling at me & Riley from Bonnie. If something isn’t right, she’s not having it.”

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For Riley, she’s always wanted to be a part of the Wheeler Christmas and this year, she’s finally getting her chance. “I’ve always loved the Wheeler Christmas growing up around the boys, looking in their windows and seeing the decorations,” Chelsea shared about Riley. “They always had the perfect Christmas. I’ve decided to stay with the Wheeler’s this Christmas but it turns out Bonnie is crazy.”

So is Bonnie really a Christmas connoisseur? “Some say connoisseur, some say controlling freak,” Melissa told us. “I think over time in her life it’s escalated. Over the years, Christmas has become her thing but it’s all about you have to do this at this time and this at this time. It’s a house of cards so if one thing doesn’t go right she thinks the holidays are ruined. She sort of loses [the meaning of Christmas]. It’s that perfect holiday episode which we all love. You forget the meaning, which is…drinking with your family right? [laughing]”

Now that we know how Bonnie is at Christmas, what about Melissa? “We fly back to Minnesota every holiday so I don’t have time to do it here. I think it’s in my genetics. I’m afraid of what would happen if I was allowed to host it in my own home because my mother, I’m not lying, has seven Christmas trees in her house and they all have themes.”

Chelsea also added her mom goes all out. “My mom’s always very – every minute is planned, we’re going to have so much fun today. It’s always a Griswald Christmas with mine.” Tahj also admitted he may have a little Bonnie in him. “I may be a little like that actually. I love Christmas so I go all out for my decorations but not like Bonnie.”

The boys spend much of the episode trying to get that special present for Emma, so what was the coveted present that Chelsea, Derek & Jean-Luc wanted as kids?

Chelsea: “I think I made my parents go into the whole Furby craze & Tamagotchis. Looking back at that I think I made my mom sleep outside some store for a digital pet. Then she’d have to take care of it while I’m in school…I’m so sorry mom. I owe you.”

Derek: “For me, I was crazy about ninja turtles and stuff like that.”

Jean-Luc: “The gift that I wanted so bad for so long was a paintball gun. My parents finally got me one but it wasn’t a real paintball gun. There weren’t paint balls, it was just squirts of paint. It didn’t hurt or anything. I acted like I really loved it for the first day because I actually thought it was a paintball gun but then I started firing it and it really didn’t serve any purpose. I wanted a paintball gun but they never got it for me so I eventually got it for myself.”

Be sure to catch all the hilarious holiday antics when this special episode of “Baby Daddy” airs Wednesday, December 11 at 8:30pm on ABC Family.

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