Exclusive: Kelly Rowland Discusses Shocking X Factor Elimination & Alex and Sierra’s “Say My Name” Cover


kellyrowland-interview-120613Last night was a very shocking night on “The X Factor” USA as the top 6 were dwindled down to 4.

In a surprising elimination, both Ellona Santiago and Rion Paige were sent home, eliminating Demi’s team of girls. Ellona was the first sent home then Rion battled Carlito Olivero in the sing-off where she was sent home.

We had the chance to talk with Kelly Rowland after the show where she told us why Carlito deserved to stay. “It wasn’t just about Carlito’s performance because [he] was honestly pitchy some of his performance. I love Carlito’s heart and the fact that each week I give Carlito hell. Each week he comes out and gets better and better.”

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She then added, “that was not an easy decision. It was probably the hardest decision I’ve had to make, even with the four chair challenge.”

We also talked to Kelly about why Jeff Gutt deserves a spot in the finals and what she thought of Alex & Sierra’s “Say My Name” cover. Watch the full interview below as well as some footage of Demi backstage with Emblem3 & Ellona.