Ian Somerhalder & Max Thieriot Are Sexiest Men With Cats – Sexiest Man Alive 2013


iansomerhalder-peoplesexiest-112313Earlier this week, we shared a photo of Zac Efron with a kitten and thought it couldn’t get any hotter. We were wrong.

People Magazine just released their annual Sexiest Man Alive issue which features Adam Levine in the top spot. While the mag features tons of sexy guys, our favorite section has to be the gentlemen with their cats.

Ian Somerhalder & Max Thieriot are two of the handsome fellas that have made the list accompanied by their furry pals. Ian’s little guy is Moke, who he rescued in Hawaii while he was filming “Lost.” Ian shared, “[I] would walk him on a leas on the beach. People would stop and play with him. I got a lot of dates that way.”

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Max’s beautiful cat is named Kristen Jane and he was inspired to get a Bengal cat because of his Catch That Kid co-star Kristen Stewart. “She had a bengal cat,” he shared. “I decided I wanted to get one. So we drove to the breeder, I got my cat, and Kristen was like, ‘You have to name her Kristen,’ so I did.”

For even more, be sure to pick up the latest issue of People.

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