Liam Hemsworth’s Beer Cooler Race with Jimmy Fallon & Jennifer and Josh Play the NewlyFriends Game


liamhemsworth-fallon-112213Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson are showing off their competitive sides in some recent interviews.

Liam stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night for a fun interview but our favorite part was when he and Jimmy raced atop modified scooters/coolers. Oh and all while wearing helmets with beer on their heads. It looks like it’s a Hemsworth brother tradition as Chris already had his name on the trophy. Did Liam add his? Watch the race below.

Jennifer and Josh also recently sat down with Fandango to play a fun game called the NewlyFriends game, a modified version of the Newlywed Game. We love how into it Jennifer gets. So funny!

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Watch both videos below and be sure to see Catching Fire in theaters on Friday!

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