Will Callie Return Home or End Up in Juvey? The Drama Heats Up in the Winter Premiere of “The Fosters”


thefosters-winterprem-112013When we last left “The Fosters,” Brallie shippers got their wish when Brandon kissed Callie at their moms’ wedding. However, things were interrupted when Jude caught them. The first half of the season saw Callie running off with Wyatt. So what’s next?

The first promo for the Winter premiere was released this week and it looks like plenty of drama is in store. Brandon confesses to kissing Callie which seems to bring up a lot of concern with Stef and Lena. It also looks like Callie may end up back in juvey since we see her in a jumpsuit at the end.

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It also looks like we will see Jesus part ways with Lexie and Mariana questions whether Stef and Lena will still want her.

Just from this promo, we can tell that the second half of season one will be as compelling, gripping, and touching as the first. Be sure to tune into the Winter premiere on Monday, January 13, 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT. Also check out the new poster for the Winter season.