Josh Hutcherson Undergoes SNL Initiation in New Promos


joshhutcherson-snl-112013Josh Hutcherson is “on fire” in the new promos for this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live.”

The Catching Fire star will be hosting the iconic show for the first time and teamed up with Bobby Moynihan for the set of promos. We get to see Josh & Bobby “on fire,” Bobby initiate Josh into SNL and more. We have to say, Josh did well with the promos and we’re excited to see how he does with the full show.

At the premiere of Catching Fire in LA on Monday, Josh told E! News that he is nervous. “It’s like the dream of a lifetime to do SNL. I’m nervous, but I’m excited. It’s a good kind of nervous.” His co-star, Jennifer Lawrence, has hosted the show before and she told him, “she told me to not hold back and give it my all. I was like, oh thanks. Great advice, something everyone says [laughing].”

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Be sure to watch Josh host SNL this Saturday at 11:30pm with musical guest Haim.