Exclusive: Saoirse Ronan Says She HAS NOT Auditioned for ‘Fantastic Four’ & Talks New Film ‘How I Live Now’


saoirseronan-int-110613Saoirse Ronan stars in the new film, How I Live Now, and we were lucky enough to sit down with the star and director Kevin Macdonald to talk about the film.

Set in the near-future UK, Ronan plays Daisy, an American teenager sent to stay with relatives in the English countryside. Initially withdrawn and alienated, she begins to warm up to her charming surroundings, and strikes up a romance with the handsome Edmund (George MacKay). But on the fringes of their idyllic summer days are tense news reports of an escalating conflict in Europe. When a nuclear device is detonated, the UK falls into a violent, chaotic military state, and Daisy finds herself hiding and fighting to survive.

Saoirse and Kevin revealed to us what the most challenging part of bringing the story to life was and about the turning points that have changed how they live.

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We also had to ask Saoirse about the rumors that she’s in the running to play Susan Storm in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. She even tells us what kind of buddy she’d be if you were with her during the apocalypse.

“I don’t think so, I suppose it is a rumor,” she said. “I haven’t auditioned for it or anything like that. So, no, I don’t know what’s happened.”

So would she ever do a superhero film? “It depends on the superhero film. There’s a few that are very clever, well written. Something like that is always great. It would have to be the right one.”

Well, we think that Saoirse would make a great superhero and we’d definitely want her by our side in the apocalypse. Have you seen Hanna? Watch the full interview below.

How I Live Now opens Friday, November 8, 2013.