Demi Lovato Talks Babies, Relationships & “Glee” in Latina Magazine


demilovato-latinamagazine-110513Demi Lovato looks better than ever on the December/January cover of Latina Magazine.

In the issue, Demi looks flawless while opening up about not being ready for kids just yet, what she looks for in a relationship and even her guilty pleasure TV shows. Check out some highlights and outtakes from the interview.

On a recent trip to Kenya with the charity Free the Children: “At one point this little boy named Ian came over. I picked him up and we just connected. He was just so sweet, and he kept saying my name over and over again. It was really hard to say good-bye to him. They also held a birthday celebration for me. They gave me a goat, which was pretty cool!”

On guest starring on Glee as a love interest for Naya Rivera’s character: “Yes, we kissed in the first episode, but I want people to pay less attention to the fact that I’m kissing a girl. Focus on the fact that having a young, multicultural lesbian couple on prime time is a huge step in our generation. It’s showing people that it’s okay to be who you are. Don’t be ashamed of it.”

On helping others get treatment for mental illness and addiction with the Lovato Treatment Scholarship: “The process is getting them through treatment, giving them the support that they need. Just making sure they get their two feet on the ground.”

On whether marriage and babies are coming soon: “I’m a Texas girl, so my instinct is to have babies early. In my heart I’m like, ‘Okay, it’s time to have babies!’ But it’s not. I have so much life ahead of me that I actually have to slow my roll. We’ll see where my life is in 5 years, but I definitely see myself as a mom in 10.”

On what she’s looking for in a relationship: “I look for someone who makes me laugh. Because 20, 30 years from now, sometimes the spark fades, but when you’re with someone who’s your best friend—that’s what makes a relationship last.”

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On her favorite comedians and “funny people”: “I’ve always been a fan of Tina Fey, but I also love Kevin Hart, Russell Peters and even though he’s passed away Mitch Hedberg, is always going to be one of my favorites. He was a stand up comedian.”

On Drake: “I think he’s so talented. I grew up watching him on Degrassi. The first time that I met him he wasn’t Drake yet. I remember I introduced myself ‘last name Lovato, first name Demi’ and I embarrassed myself, but he laughed and it was funny.”

On her favorite TV shows: “I’m literally watching ‘48 Hours’ right now. I’m really fascinated with history and also just real life stuff.”

On connecting with God: “It’s always been a part of my life so it hasn’t been one conversation. It’s a daily thing.”

On getting outdoors: “I love hiking, just different trails around here. I like to meditate when I need to time focus on myself and calm my thoughts down. Listening to music is always my main thing.”

On avoiding social pressure to drink: “Most of my friends to be honest aren’t 21, they’re much older. My two closest friends are a couple of years older than me. Most of my friends have already been there done that, turned 21, or their also in recovery.”

On celebrating birthdays: “If there was a laser tag place, I would totally love to go laser tagging. Last year for my 20th birthday I went to this place called Sky High in California. It’s like this huge trampoline park, where you play dodge ball while you’re jumping on a trampoline. There were tons of kids there, but I didn’t care. I was having fun!”

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