Demi Lovato Says Miley’s Voice is Being “Overshadowed” By Behavior + New “Glee” Featurette


demilovaot-glee-110213Miley Cyrus has been all over the news the past few months for various reasons and it seems like many stars cannot avoid being asked questions about her. One of the latest is her pal Demi Lovato.

Demi recently appeared on Katie Couric’s talk show to promote “The X Factor” and her new book where she was asked about Miley’s new image and behavior. “I think she knows what she’s doing,” Demi said. “A lot of artists take that route of shock value and that’s totally fine. I think that she has such an incredible voice that is overshadowed by some of the things she’s doing.”

Demi added, “She’s having fun, she’s being who she is and we’ll always love her. She’s been one of my friends since I’ve been 14.” Find out more of what Demi had to say below.

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Demi will also be returning to “Glee” when the show comes back on November 7 for the big Katy Perry vs Lady Gaga themed episode. FOX has released a new featurette with Demi talking about joining the show and we also get to hear her co-stars like Adam Lambert & Chris Colfer talk about being big fans of hers. Demi even reveals the dream song she’d want to perform on “Glee.”

If you missed Demi’s new music video for “Let It Go” from Frozen, watch it here.

Be sure to catch Demi on “The X Factor” every week and when “Glee” comes back November 7 at 9pm.